Education & Religion


As one of the most important sectors, risks associated with this sector are ever increasing and the impact these risks may have on the institution, students and the people of the society can be substantial and the consequences damaging.

Our clients include primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions as well as religious churches. In our hands, with the knowledge and expertise we will provide specialized products and services that will see your institution growing big.

Educational institutions face a unique set of challenges when it comes to risk management. These emanate and range from employment practices, student life and vehicle use, issues to study abroad, environmental hazards and intellectual property issues, residential life, fraternities and sororities, students in experiential programs, and laboratory environments represent a small sample of these unique risks.  There are also exposures related to endowments, research grants, behavioral assessment team and continuity of operations.

WFDR Risk Services specializes in serving the benefits, risk management and insurance needs of higher education institutions also. Providing specialized risk solutions to institutions of higher education has long been a core competency and represents a significant portion of our business.


People turn to you when they are in need, but who do you turn to when facing challenges that impact your mission as a non-profit or religious organization.

WFDR Risk Services specializes in serving the faith-based sector – and has been since its founding in 1977. Our religious practice focuses on what matters so much to you and your ministry helping in preserving the right of religious freedom as a cornerstone of your organization. In the brokerage world, we do not have a peer that encompasses the world footprint we have or the breadth of our services.