Financial Services

The operational risks faced by the financial and professional services community continue to become more onerous. Today's increasingly litigious and regulated environments mean that both companies and their employees face greater exposure arising from the provision of their services.

Financial institutions contend with a multifaceted and dynamic set of risks stemming from myriad sources: customers, investors, shareholders, competitors, regulators and government agencies, just to name a few. Challenging times require partners willing and able to step forward to help you anticipate and mitigate the risks inherent in your business and you’ll find that partner here at WFDR Risk Services. We’ll help you identify and assess the risks that affect your business and address them through a comprehensive risk management plan.  Our goal is to assure the absolute protection of your business while helping you remain competitive in today’s ever-changing risk environment.

We go far beyond just the placement of insurance, employing a consultative approach dedicated to continuous communication. Your business is our business: public or private, large or small, we have our finger on the pulse of the financial institutions industry and bring our collective experience to you, committed to a partnership backed by the best customer service in the industry.

WFDR Risk Services has a proven track record in providing innovative solutions to a wide range of clients across a varied spectrum of businesses.

Our clients include leading banks, stock exchanges, financial institutions, accountants, solicitors and fund managers. Our knowledge enables us to provide the technical advice these companies need and we use our experience and market relationships to develop new products and provide competitive solutions.