Tourism & Hospitality

We offer unique insurance coverages that are often needed for liabilities associated with hotels, lodges and resorts as well as issues involving golf courses, water parks, timeshare properties, workers compensation and more.

As your insurance advisor we know the industry and are able provide or create solutions to protect your organization from potential risks. Through our programs, we’re dedicated to reducing the overall cost of risk and to protecting the financial integrity of our hospitality clients.

We manage many hospitality programs from large and complex multinational accounts to single-territory risks on a direct or wholesale basis. Our broad and satisfied client network translates into strong market relationships, responsive service, in-depth claims advocacy structures and comprehensive risk management support.

More importantly, we understand that your employees are your organization. Investing in a customized benefits program with everything from life and health insurance to workers compensation coverages can help you engage staff, encourage retention and improve your overall operational and financial programs.